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Pair of Minton Majolica Figures Boy and Girl with Baskets c.1863

Pair Minton majolica figures c.1863, model numbers 280 and 281 by A Carrier*, the boy in white shirt, purple coat with blue cuff, green tie, yellow breeches, socks and purple shoes, black hat with grey inside brim, and blue band; holds yellow "bamboo" basket with green interior, and blue bow, as does girl; the girl has white sleeve, brown open bodice over light blue dress with brown and yellow hem; purplish brown shoes; blue headband with a pink flower; both figures have one hand resting on a mottled tree stump matching the colours of the base: green, a little yellow, and a manganese colour: purplish for the boy, brown for the girl. Dimensions: 21 cm high. Fine condition, just a tiny hairline on girl's hand/finger. Impressed marks on the base.

* Albert Ernest Carrier (Carrier de Belleuse) was a talented and famous French sculptor. Apart of his full-size conventional sculpture, he supplied models for several English manufacturers, including Minton. At the time of 1851 Exhibition he modelled several pieces for the factory, one of them: "Boy with bamboo basket and Girl companion figure". Some models will bear A. Carrier's signature, but by no means all models bearing his signature are of Minton manufacture. His stay with Mintons was limited to 3-4 years, from 1850. After his return to Paris he occasionally carried out commissions for Mintons and other firms.

** This models are illustrated in "Minton pottery & porcelain of the first period 1793-1850" by Geoffrey A. Godden, plate 152.

Stock Number: PY1370


Late 19th Century English Majolica Butter Dish

A late 19th Century English Majolica Butter Dish, Cover and Stand, moulded in relief with a bird, blossom and leafs, painted in coloured glazes. Dimensions: dish:12 cm high x 12 cm diam; stand: 17 cm diam. Condition: minor glaze loss on one of the feet. Unmarked.

Stock Number: PY1368


Continental Majolica Figure of Fisherman c.1880

A 19th Century Continental Majolica Figure, modelled as a Fisherman, resting on a log and basket full of fish at his feet, standing on a square base. Dimensions: 30 cm high. Condition: two small chips near the base. Marks: moulded diamond-shaped mark with initials W &R L*.

* This mark has previously been attributed to the short-lived Wayte & Ridge factury, but according to Geoffrey A. Godden these initials were used on Continental wares sold by Messrs. Witman & Roth, Importers, of London, c.1870-96. (see "Encyclopaedia of Pottery and Porcelain Marks" by G. A. Godden 1991, page 652, 4041).

Stock Number: PY1362


A Wedgwood Majolica Jug c.1867

A Wedgwood Majolica Jug c.1867

A Wedgwood Majolica Jug, moulded with flowers, decorated in shades of brown, grey, green, pink, blue and yellow. Dimensions: 8"(20,3cm) high. Impressed marks and registration mark for 1867. Excellent condition.

Stock Number: PY1021


A Minton Majolica Oyster Plate c.1881

A Minton Majolica Oyster Plate c.1881

A Minton Majolica four well oyster plate, shape 2364, scarce form, with basket weave ground. Dimensions: 23cm. x 19cm. Marks: impressed diamond registration mark, Minton and cyphers for September 1881. Fine condition.


An English Majolica Bread Plate c.1880

An English Majolica Bread Plate c.1880

A late 19th century English majolica bread plate c.1880, painted in shades of ochre, brown and green, the border moulded with daisy flowers. 10.5"(26.5cm) diam. Fine condition.

Stock Number: PY0907


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