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Coalport, Colebrook Dale, Shropshire: established in 1795 by John Rose, who had been an apprentice at Caughley until 1785, when he started a small pottery at Jackfield on his own account. In 1795 he moved to Coalport and built premises on the canal bank opposite Caughley, which he acquired in 1799, and absorbed in 1814.

By 1798 Rose was making bone china and until the late 1820s was largely engaged in supplying this in the white to London and provincial dealers end enamellers, althogh much decorated ware was sold.

After the death of John Rose in 1841 he was succeeded by his nephew William F. Rose and William Pugh , the latter becoming sole proprietor in 1862. Now housed at Stoke-on-Trent, the factory is still in production.


History of Coalport porcelain Works

A Fine Coalport Porcelain Cabinet Plate c.1810

A fine Coalport Porcelain Cabinet Plate (Outside Decorated) c. 1810, the centre finely painted with a landscape, gilded rim. Dimensions: 23.5 cm diam. Excellent condition. Unmarked.


A Pair of Coalport Dessert Plates c.1805-10

A Pair of Coalport Dessert Plates c.1805-10

A pair of rare Coalport porcelain dessert plates c.1805-10*, spirally moulded with basket-weave border, each painted to the centre with a figure in traditional Swiss costume , within a foliate gilt cartouche and celadon border. Dimensions: 22.2 cm diam. Marks: titled to the reverse and decorator's mark for "Powell, 91 Wimpole St". Condition: Minor ware and crazing.

* Ref. : See Christie's sale 5154, lot 555 (5 December 2007, London, South Kensington)

Stock Number: PN1140


Coalport Porcelain Jug c.1813 Godden Reference Collection

Coalport Porcelain Milk Jug c.1813, painted with a landscape in sepia monochrome and gilt, painted initials "S" and "M". Dimensions: 11.5 cm high x 12.5 cm. Unmarked, paper label: Godden Reference Collection. Excellent condition.

Stock Number: PN1419


А rare Coalport/Nantgarw Porcelain Vase c.1820

А rare Coalport/Nantgarw Porcelain Vase c.1820 with gilded ring handles held by moulded birds, incrusted with flowers under the rim, finely painted in Meissen style with harbor scenes, unglazed base. Dimensions: 10 cm high. Condition: restored chip on the base rim, minor chipping on the encrusted flowers. Unmarked.

* This shape is illustrated in "The Pottery & porcelain of Swansea & Nantgarw" by E. Morton Nance, plate CX (K,L) and CLXV (E).

Stock Number: PN1338


A Pair of Early Coalport Shell Shaped Dishes c.1800

A Pair of Early Coalport Shell Shaped Dishes c.1800

A pair of rare early shell-shaped dessert dishes, hand-painted in chinese style on a cobalt blue ground and gilt c.1800. Dimensions: 20.5 cm. x 19.5 cm. Condition: minor ware on the gilding. Unmarked.

Stock Number: PN1102


A Rare John Rose Triple Stand c.1803-8

A Rare John Rose Coalport Triple Stand c.1803-8

A Rare John Rose Triple Stand c.1803-8, hybrid hard-paste porcelain, with ring handle, decorated with blue printed dragon pattern*. 15cm high. Unmarked. Condition: A hairline on the handle.

* This pattern is illustrated in "English blue and white porcelain" by Geoffrey A. Godden page 497, plate 624.

Stock Number: PN10156


A Pair of Early Coalport Porcelain plates c.1805

A Pair of Early Coalport Porcelain plates c.1800-1805

A Pair of John Rose Porcelain plates c.1800-1805, of lobed-edge form, hybrid hard-paste porcelain, richly decorated with a dragon within a star of David border and panels of stylized flowers, tigers and ho ho birds, the under sides with floral meanders. Dimensions: 20.5cm diam. Unmarked. Excellent condition.


A Rare "Dragon and Phoenix" pattern plate c.1800-1805


An early Coalport Porcelain plate c.1800-1805 of lobed-edge form, hybrid hard paste, hand painted in "Dragon and Phoenix" pattern. D.8"(20.5cm). Unmarked. Fine condition.


A Named and Dated Christening Porcelain Jug c. 1809

A Coalport Christening Jug c.1809

A Coalport Porcelain Christening Jug, finely painted on both sides with landscapes, inscribed "Thomas Lewis born may 5th 1809" and "Remember"(on the base) in gold. 6"(15.2cm) high x 9"(23cm) from handle to spout. Unmarked. Condition: some ware on the gilding.

Stock Number: PN1054


Antique 19th century Coalport dinner plate c.1820

Coalport plate c.1820 front

A Fine dinner plate of the early 1820s, with the standart double-barred scrolls and festoons in low relief against a green ground, and finely painted flower motive at the centre. Impressed mark "2" Diameter: 10"(25.5 cm) Excellent condition.


A Coalport dessert square porcelain dish c.1840

19th century Coalport dessert square dish c.1840

A square-shaped dessert dish, decorated with botanical studies in the centre. Within grey coloured ground are revealed small flower-heads, moulded in low relief and white ground shields within the border, delineated by low scrolled moulding picked out in gilt. Dimensions: 9"(23cm) x 9"(23cm) Pattern Number 4/919 in gilt. Excellent condition


A pair of dessert plates, "Japan" pattern c.1815-20

A pair of Coalport plates

A pair of plates in "Japan" pattern c.1815-20 with gadroon-moulded edges, painted in an Imari palette. Dimensions: 9"(23cm) diam. Fine condition. Unmarked.


A pair of Coalport dessert plates c.1820-25

A Pair of Coalport dessert plates c.1820-25

A pair of dessert plates c.1820-25, with moulded borders incorporating double-bared scrolls and festoons in low relief against light blue ground, finely painted with flower groups at the centre. 9.5"(24cm) diam. Some ware on the gilding, one plate with a hairline crack. Marks: Impressed "2", one plate marked with the "Society of Arts" backstamp printed in brown.


A Coalport dessert plate pattern 988 c.1820-25

A Coalport  dessert plate pattern 988 c.1820-25

A dessert plate, pattern 988 c.1820-25 of "New Embossed" design with a dark cobalt blue ground colour, the embossed work revealed in white and highlighted in gilt, the flowers within the panels are painted in natural colours. Dimensions: 23 cm diam. Marks: impressed "2". Excellent condition.


Coalport "New embossed" design square dish c.1815-25

A square dish c.1815-25, featuring "embossed" style moulded decoration with painted studies of flowers, birds and butterflies. 8"(20.5cm) x 8"(20.5cm). Fine condition. Unmarked.

Stock Number: PN0921



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Coalport Marks

The early porcelains 1796-1815 are mostly unmarked.

Early Coalport mark c.1805

A very rare painted mark in red c.1805-10.

1815-25 impressed mark

A distinctive impressed mark c.1815-1825.

Printed marks 1820-30

The Society of Arts felspar backstamp, printed in brown or purple c.1820-30.

Coalport printed mark c.1830-50

A Printed mark in blue c.1830-50.

Various early 19th century painted marks

Various 19th century painted marks incl. imitation of Meissen and Chelsea.

CBD Monogram painted in gold or blue c.1850-65.

Coalport painted mark c.1860-75

A painted mark in gold on ornamental wares c. 1860-75.

Coalport printed mark c.1870-80

Printed mark (in brown) on tablewares c.1870-80.

Printed crown marks c.1881-1920

Crown printed marks (in green or pink) c.1881-1920.