Copeland-Spode Porcelain

Two of the foundation stones of the British Ceramic Industry were laid by Josiah Spode - underglaze printing in blue on earthenware and the development of bone china. Spode I was the first potter to install a steam powered grinding mill in 1779, he led a team of contemporary potters to form companies to mine coal in 1790, and china clay in 1799 so uniformity of supplies could be maintained.

The History of Spode/Copeland Porcelain Works

A rare Spode Porcelain Coffee Can and Saucer, Pattern 1194, c.1820

A rare Spode Porcelain Coffee Can and Saucer c.1820, French shape, decorated in "Shell moonlight lustre" decoration, the border exquisitely painted with floral pattern, gilded handle. Dimensions: can 6.2 cm high x 6.5 cm diam, saucer 13.2 cm diam. Condition: can with hairline crack, the saucer in fine condition. Painted pattern 1194 in red on the base.


Collection of Spode Miniatures c.1820s Zorensky Collection

A Collection of Spode Porcelain Miniatures (18) c.1820s, painted in coloured enamels and gilt. Dimensions: saucers 6-7cm diam. cups 2.5-4.8cm high x 3.5cm diam. bowls 4.6-5.5 cm diam. Marks: Spode, painter's marks, patterns 131, 312, 2682, 3644, 3318, 3685, paper lables: "Zorensky Collection". Condition: two tiny stress lines, minor ware on the gilding.

Stock Number: PN1420


A Spode Porcelain Sugar Box c.1800-1805

A Spode Old Oval Shape Sugar Box c.1800-1805

A Spode bone-china Sugar Box and cover c.1800-1805, in "Old Oval" shape, enameled with floral pattern in Chinese export style. Dimensions: 12 cm. high x 15 cm. Marks: impressed "78"(the cover) and 98(the box). Condition: minor staining and ware on the enamels.

Stock Number: PN1155


A Spode Porcelain Vase, Pattern 3967, c.1825

A Spode Porcelain Vase c.1825, of flaring form with serpent loop handles raised on circular pedestal base, finely painted in Chinese style with a bird perched on flowering branch in light blue and gold on a deep blue/black ground and blue borders of diaper ornament. Dimensions: 12 cm high. Condition: a tiny hairline on the rim. Marks: painted "Spode 3967" in red on the base.

Stock Number: PN13140


A Spode Porcelain Dessert Plate c.1825-30

A Spode Porcelain Dessert Plate, pattern 4130 c.1825-30, with elaborate moulded border, the centre hand-painted with garden flowers on crimson ground and fine gilding. Dimensions: 23 cm diam. Printed marks in puce, pattern 4130 in red on the base. Condition: minor ware.

Stock Number: PN1376


A Spode Incense Burner, Pattern 967 c.1815

A Spode Incense Burner 967 Pattern, c.1815

A Spode Dolphin Tripod Incense Burner c.1815, finely painted in Imari style, pattern 967. Dimensions: 13cm. high. Marks: 967 in gold, workmen's mark in red. Condition: missing lid.


A Spode Porcelain Cabinet Plate c.1825

A Spode Porcelain Cabinet Plate c.1825

A Spode Porcelain Cabinet Plate c.1825, gadrooned edge and finely painted named view of York on a blue ground colour. Dimensions: 9"(23cm)diam. Marks: Spode, York, painted in grey. Fine condition.


A Spode Porcelain Centre Dish, Pattern 2010, c.1820

 Spode Porcelain Centre Dish c.1820, Pattern 2010

An Early 19th C Spode Porcelain Centre Dish, Pattern 2010, c.1820, of rectangular form with shaped sides, indented corners and twig handles with foliate terminals, decorated with moulded flowers on pale lilac ground and painted with flower sprays in the centre. Dimensions: 13"(33cm) x 8.75"(22cm) x 2.75"(7cm) high . Marks: Spode 2010 painted in red. Excellent condition.

Stock Number: PN1020


Two Spode Porcelain Dinner Plates c.1820

Two Spode porcelain dinner plates, c.1820, each painted with strawberries in the centre, the border decorated with embossed flower sprays on pale lilac ground, gilded rim. Dimensions: 25 cm diam. Marks: Painted "Spode" in red on the base. Fine condition.

Stock Number: PN1358


Spode Porcelain trio, Pattern 1645, c.1815

Spode imari cup and saucer Pattern 1645 c.1815

A Spode porcelain trio, comprising a coffee can, bute shape tea cup and saucer, Pattern 1645 c.1815, painted in imari style. Dimensions: can 6.5 cm. high, cup 6 cm. high, saucer D.14.5cm. Marks: Spode 1645 painted in red. Fine condition.

Stock Number: PN1005


A Copeland part dessert service c.1852

A Copeland part dessert service c.1852

A Copeland part dessert service c.1852 comprising 17 plates and 3 comports, each painted with topographical views on a ping ground and gilt.

The views include: Tintern Abbey; Chepstow Castle x 2 (slightly different); Fort of Inversnaid; Black Rock Castle; Windsor Castle; Linlitgow Palce; Dunure Castle; Loch Gill; Lower lake of Killarney(comport); Loch Lomond; Linlithgow Castle; Geneva; Ben Lomond; Chillon.

Pattern number D 1634 in red, inscription, printed diamond registration mark and Copeland in underglaze blue, impressed letters. Dimensions: plates 23cm diam. comport 24cm diam. x 15cm high. Condition: Two plates cracked.

Stock Number: PN0915


A Copeland & Garret Porcelain Dessert Set c.1835

A Copeland & Garret Porcelain Dessert Set c.1835, comprising 12 dessert plates, 2 dishes, 2 small plates, 2 soup plates and a souse tureen, painted with a landscape on a deep yellow/tan ground, moulded rococo style border, picked out in gilt. Dimensions: dessert plates 24 cm diam, dishes 24 cm diam, small plates 19 cm diam, soup plates 25 cm diam, tureen 17 cm high x 21 cm from handle to handle. Condition: One of tureen's handles broken/restuck. Printed marks in brown and green, impressed devices, pattern 4993 in gilt.


A Copeland Porcelain Plaque c.1880

A Copeland Porcelain Plaque c.1880

A Copeland Porcelain Plaque c.1880, of circular form, finely painted with white fairy roses in shades of brown and green. Dimensions: 24.5 cm diam. Marks: Printed and impressed marks, signed by the artist. Fine condition.

Stock Number: PN1175


A Copeland Porcelain Plate c.1870

 Copeland Plate c.1870

A Copeland Porcelain Plate with pierced border, the radiating six panels depicting castle scenes, painted in enamels and gilt. c.1870. Minor ware on the gilding and fine crazing. Impressed marks.

Stock Number: PN10157


A pair of Copeland & Garrett dessert pates c.1835

A pair of Copeland & Garrett dessert pates c.1835

A pair of Copeland & Garrett dessert pates c.1835, painted with landscape scenes on a claret ground and elaborately moulded rim. Dimensions: 24 cm. diam. Printed and impressed marks, pattern 5161 in red. Condition: minor ware on the gilding.

Stock Number: PN1111


A Copeland & Garrett botanical dish c.1835-40

A Copeland & Garrett botanical dish c.1835-40

A Copeland & Garrett botanical dish c.1835-40, painted with a flower study in the centre on a tan ground border. Printed marks: Copeland & Garrett, Late Spode, Felspar Porcelain; Inscription: "Osveckia Glomerata", pattern C 5325. Fine condition.

Stock Number: PN0916


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An early impressed mark c.1790-1820.

A small workman's mark in gilt c.1790-1805.

An Impressed mark c.1800-1820.

A rare printed mark c.1806-8.

Painted marks c.1800-33, often with pattern numbers.

A printed mark c.1822-33.

A printed mark c.1833-47.

Uncommon printed mark c.1833-38.

A printed mark c.1838-47.

A printed mark c.1850-90.

A printed mark c.1883-91.

A printed mark c.1894-1910.