A Copeland Porcelain Dessert Service c.1852

A Copeland part dessert service c.1852 comprising 17 plates and 3 comports, each painted with topographical views on a ping ground and gilt.

The views include: Tintern Abbey; Chepstow Castle x 2 (slightly different); Fort of Inversnaid; Black Rock Castle; Windsor Castle; Linlitgow Palce; Dunure Castle; Loch Gill; Lower lake of Killarney(comport); Loch Lomond; Linlithgow Castle; Geneva; Ben Lomond; Chillon.

Pattern number D 1634 in red, inscription, printed diamond registration mark and Copeland in underglaze blue, impressed letters. Dimensions: plates 23cm diam. comport 24cm diam. x 15cm high. Two plates with a hairline crack.

Stock Number: PN0915


A Copeland part dessert service c.1852

Copeland-Spode porcelain for sale

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