Antique Derby Porcelain

A Rare Derby Porcelain Plate, Pattern 204, c.1795

A rare Derby porcelain plate, pattern 204, c.1795, the central circular panel painted, in the manner of John Brewer, with a 'Black on Moonlight' scene, supported by three scattered sprigs, the border with an enamelled and gilt band of floreted green ovals divided by sprigs in quatrefoil panels. Dimensions: 9in (23cm) diam. Marks: crown, crossed batons, dots and D in puce, pattern no 204 in puce, gilder's numeral T. Fine condition, minor ware.


A Derby Porcelain Vase painted by William Pegg the Quaker c.1815

An early 19th Century Derby Porcelain Vase, amphora-shaped with scrolls handles, and moulded and gilded with lion-masks and acanthus leaves, finely painted by William Pegg the Quaker with botanical studies, elaborate gilding, c.1815. Dimensions: 23.5 cm. Red painted marks on the base. Excellent condition.


Derby Armorial Porcelain Cups and Saucers c.1790-1810

Part Derby Armorial Porcelain Cups Tea/Coffee Set c.1790-1810, comprising two coffee cups, one tea cup, five saucers, two plates painted in the centre with a family crest and initials "B M H" in gilt, together with a similar teacup and saucer painted and gilded with initials "K H". Condition: some ware on the gilding. Painted marks in puce and red.


Two 18th Century Derby Porcelain Putti

Two Derby figures of putti, late 18th century, each holding a basket of flowers, hand-painted in colored enamels. Dimensions: 15 cm high. Impressed star, number 3 incised. Condition: small chips on the flowers.

Stock Number: PN1326


An Early 19th Century Derby Porcelain Dish

An Early 19th Century Derby pedestal dish, of navette form, the edge scalloped and decorated with blue borders, foliate sprigs and gilding. Dimensions: width 31 cm. Fine condition. Unmarked.

Stock Number: PN1221


A Rare Derby Porcelain Plate c.1770

A Rare Derby Porcelain blue & white Plate c.1770

A Rare Derby Porcelain Plate c.1770, painted in underglaze blue with floral motives in Chinese style, the rim coloured in brown. Dimensions: 21.5 cm diam. Condition: a small chip near the rim. A small workmen's mark "5" inside the base rim, painted in brown.

Stock Number: PN1207


A Pair of Derby Porcelain "Dancing Figures" c.1800

A Pair of Derby Porcelain Figures c.1800

A Pair of Derby Porcelain Dancing Figures c.1800, modelled as a gentleman and companion, painted with coloured enamels, standing on rococo style bases with gilt detailing. Dimensions:21 cm high. Marks: No 317 Incised, 5 painted in red. Condition: small chips to bocage and minor restoration.

* The incised star on the base is the "repairer's mark for Issac Farnsworth, the foreman of the ornamental department from the time of Duesbury II until he died (1750s-1821).

** The painter's mark "5" in red is for John Yates.


A Derby porcelain figure of Neptune, c.1760

A Derby porcelain  figure of Neptune,  c.1760

A Derby porcelain figure of Neptune, wearing flowing robes painted with sprays of "Cotton Stem" flowers lined in pink, his right arm raised grasping a metal trident, the other arm across his body holding his robes at his chest, with a dolphin at his side, the base encrusted with shells and coral. c.1760. 23 cm high. Condition: some restoration. Unmarked.


A Derby Porcelain Plate c.1775

A Derby Porcelain Plate c.1775

A Derby Porcelain Plate c.1775, centrally painted with a rose-garland-strewn vase and butterflies, the border with berried swag pendant, the rim scalloped in gilt. Dimensions: 22cm diam. Marks: crown over D in blue. Fine condition.


A Derby named view plate pattern 74 by Zachariah Boreman c.1790

A Derby named view plate pattern 74 by Zachariah Boreman, painted in monochrome scenes c.1790. Mark in blue, inscription: "View near the Buxton Road Derbyshire" 8.75"(23.3cm) diam. Faint hairline near the rim, some ware.

"74 Gilt Rim. A deep border of tiny blue flowers and gilt leaves in a continuous undulating line is contained with two narrow borders comprising a continuous line of gilt dots contained with gilt lines. The (apparently) large and important landscape in the sentre of the plate is framed by a single gilt line and outer border of tiny gilt laurels."*

*This description is from "The old Derby Pattern books" ( see Derby Porcelain 1748-1848 by John Twitchett page 306 )

Stock Number: PN0913


A Derby Botanical Dinner Plate, Pattern 197, c.1800

A Derby Botanical Dinner Plate c.1800

A Rare Botanical Dinner Plate, painted with pattern 197, the rim in black, inscribed on the back " Iris Ochroleuca. Tall Iris" *, blue mark, c.1800. Dimensions: 26 cm. diam. Condition: two small chips near the rim.

* The source for the flower painting is the book "The Botanical Magazine; Or, Flower-Garden Displayed" by William Curtis 1794.

** A similar plate is illustrated in "Derby Porcelain 1748-1848" by John Twitchett, page 138.


An Early 19th Century Derby Porcelain Plate c.1820

An Early 19th Century Derby Porcelain Plate c.1820

A fine Early 19th Century Derby Porcelain Plate Teapot Stand, decorated with roses on cobalt blue ground, fine gilding. Dimensions: 9.75"( 24.5cm) diam. Marks: painted in red. Condition: some ware on the gilding in the centre.

Stock Number: PN1061


Three Bloor Derby Dessert Plates c.1825

3 Bloor Derby Dessert Plates c.1820

A Collection of three Bloor Derby Dessert Plates c.1825, the pair with border shaped with moulded flower heads picked up in gilt and finely painted with apple-blossoms on a green ground. The plate in the middle of similar shape, decorated with roses and birds on blue/black ground. Dimensions: 24cm diam. Marks in red. Condition: minor ware, one plate with a stress line.

Stock Number: PN10109


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Derby Porcelain Marks

Rare, early incised mark c.1750-5.

Incised Potter's marks. (on hte left: the repairer's mark of Issac Farnsworth, on the right: that of Joseph Hill).

Incised mark, found on dishes, rarely on figures, c.1770-80.

The potter's stool mark, found on Derby pieces, possibly seconds or sold to outside decorators.

Painted marks in gold, Chelsea-Derby period, 1769-1775.

Painted marks, 1770-82.

Rare mark, c.1790.

Mock Meissen mark, c.1830.

Rare mark c.1800.

Painted mark c.1830-40, found on pieces, decorated in Sevres style.