A Rare Derby Porcelain Plate c.1770

A Rare Derby Porcelain Plate c.1770, painted in underglaze blue with floral motives in Chinese style, the rim coloured in brown. Dimensions: 21.5 cm diam. Condition: a small chip near the rim. A small workmen's mark "5" inside the base rim, painted in brown.

Stock Number: PN1207


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Derby Porcelain Marks

Rare, early incised mark c.1750-5.

Incised Potter's marks. (on hte left: the repairer's mark of Issac Farnsworth, on the right: that of Joseph Hill).

Incised mark, found on dishes, rarely on figures, c.1770-80.

The potter's stool mark, found on Derby pieces, possibly seconds or sold to outside decorators.

Painted marks in gold, Chelsea-Derby period, 1769-1775.

Painted marks, 1770-82.

Rare mark, c.1790.

Mock Meissen mark, c.1830.

Rare mark c.1800.

Painted mark c.1830-40, found on pieces, decorated in Sevres style.