A Coalport Porcelain (Christening) Jug "Thomas Lewis born may 5th 1809"

An early Coalport porcelain (Christening) Jug c.1809, finely painted on both sides with landscapes, inscribed "Thomas Lewis born may 5th 1809"* and "Remember"(on the base) in gold. Dimensions: 6"(15.2cm) high x 9"(23cm) from handle to spout. Unmarked. Condition: fine, some ware on the gilding.

* (Thomas Lewis was born in Bristol and christened on 15th May 1809. He does not appear in any of the censuses from 1841 to 1871 but he does appear in the 1881 census where he is described as being 72 years old and a retired ship owner. His address was 14 Albert Buildings,Twerton, Bath, Somerset and he was living with his daughter Margaret. He may have lived abroad for most of his working life and then returned to England when he retired and that may be why he does not appear in the censuses - 1841-1871).

Stock Number: PN1054


A Coalport Porcelain (Christening) Jug 1809

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