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The History of Coalport Porcelain Works

A pair of English Porcelain Vases (possibly Coalport) c.1810

A pair of English porcelain mask handled classical vases (possibly Coalport) c. 1810, painted with a central vignettes of country landscapes, on salmon pink grounds, enriched with acanthus leaf and corn spray gilding. Dimensions: 24cm high. Condition: minor damage, partly regilded. Unmarked.

Provenance: from the Valerie Howard sale, Christie's.

Stock Number: PN1428


A Coalport Porcelain vase c.1895-1900

A fine Coalport Porcelain two handled vase c.1895-1900, the center oval panel painted with a scene of a lake framed in trees with a castle in the distance on cobalt blue/lemon ground and fine raised gilding. Dimensions: 15 cm high. Condition: lid missing, tiny nibble on one of the handles. Printed marks in blue, R304607, pattern v5950/m166 42 painted in gilt on the base.

Stock Number: PN1431


Coalport Porcelain "Jeweled" Vase c.1890-1910

Coalport Porcelain

A small Coalport Porcelain "Jeweled" Vase, late 19th/early 20th century, the centre painted with a landscape on ivory ground with wide gold band decorated with turquoise enamel jeweling, gilt and raised gold foliate borders. Dimensions: 6.5 cm high x 7 cm diam. Printed mark on the base, pattern Y5955/236toy. Excellent condition.

Stock Number: PN1317


A Fine Coalport Porcelain Goblet c.1890-1910

A Fine Coalport Porcelain Goblet/Loving Cup c.1890-1910 of Pattern V.5146, shape 144, slightly moulded with three gilded handles, the central panel painted with a landscape (possibly by Percy Simpson) and two subsidiary panels, painted with flowers, on a cobalt blue ground, elaborate gilding. Dimension: 22.2 cm high. Printed, painted and impressed marks on the base.

* Similar goblet is illustrated in Coalport 1795-1926 by Michael Messenger, page372, plate 329-30.

Stock Number: PN1358


Coalport Porcelain Coffee Set "Green Batwing" Pattern Y2665

Coalport Porcelain Coffee Set, finely decorated in "Green Batwing" Pattern Y2665, comprising six coffee cups and six saucers. Dimensions: cup 5.5 cm high. saucer 11 cm diam. Printed marks on the base c.1891-1919. Excellent condition.


A Coalport Porcelain Breakfast Cup and Saucer c.1810

A rare Coalport Porcelain Breakfast Cup and Saucer c.1810, painted in Neoclassical style with geometric pattern in iron red, blue, black and gilt. Dimensions: cup 7 cm high x 10.5 cm diam , saucer 16 cm diam. Condition: minor damage. Unmarked.

Stock Number: PN1390


Rare Coalport Porcelain Botanical Dish, dated 1826

 Rare Coalport Porcelain Botanical Dish, dated 1826

A rare Coalport porcelain two handled square dish Of "Anthemion and gadroon"* border, also known as 'Union' shape with gadrooned rims and moulding picked out in gold, finely painted with a botanical study in the sentre on pale purple ground. Dimensions: 23 cm x 21 cm. Inscribed on the base: " Painted by Maria Hallen for her sister Mrs. Boftem 1826". Excellent condition.

* A similar shape was made by Rockingham factory c.1826-1830.

Stock Number: PN1314


An Early Coalport Porcelain Blue & White Plate c.1796-1800

A Coalport Porcelain Plate Tower Pattern c.1796-1800

A Rare Caughley/Early Coalport Porcelain Plate c.1796-1800, painted in underglaze blue with the "Tower" Pattern, within a butterfly, trellis and diaper border. Dimensions: 19.8 cm diam. Fine condition. Unmarked.

*Reff. See "Godden's Guide to English Blue and White Porcelain" by Geoffrey A. Godden, page 488, plate 614.


A very fine Coalport Coffee Cup and Saucer c.1810

A Fine Coalport Coffee Cup and Saucer c.1810

A very fine Coalport Coffee Cup and Saucer c.1810, the cup with London shape handle, superbly painted in polychrome with a bouquet of flowers and elaborate gilding. Dimensions: cup 6.5 cm high, 7 cm. diam, saucer 14 cm. diam. Marks: cup: pattern 502 painted in red, saucer 502 D in gold. Fine condition.


A Rare London Decorated Coalport Ice Pail c.1805-10

A  Coalport Ice Pail c.1805-10

A Rare London Decorated Coalport porcelain three parts Ice Pail c.1805-10, hybrid hard-paste body, superbly decorated on both sides with central panels, hand-painted with seashells, coral and seaweed, elaborate gilding, the two handles also moulded as shells, the cover with pineapple-shaped finial, standing on three scroll feet. Dimensions: 11"(28 cm) high. Condition: A small hairline restored. Unmarked.


A Coalport "Coalbrookdale" Flower-Encrusted Porcelain Inkstand c.1840

A Coalport Coalbrookdale Flower Encrusted Porcelain Inkwell c.1840

A Coalport "Coalbrookdale" flower-encrusted porcelain inkstand in Rococo Revival style c.1830-40, of shaped circular form, the rim painted with loose bouquets of summer flowers within a flower encrusted scroll moulded border, on a low shaped pedestal. Dimensions: 17cm wide x 7cm high. Marks: Rare italic "Coalport" mark, painted in underglaze blue. Fine condition.


Coalport Porcelain plates c.1820

 3 Coalport Porcelain plates c.1820

A collection of three Coalport Porcelain plates, richly painted with summer flowers in natural coloures, (two with double-barred scrolls and festoons in low relief, the third with "anthemion and gadroon border) c.1820. Dimensions: 24 cm diam (2) and 22cm diam (1). Condition: One plate with a stress line. Marks: One plate with "2" impressed.

Stock Number: PN1161


Coalport Porcelain Teaset c.1840

Coalport Porcelain Teaset c.1840

Coalport Porcelain Teaset c. 1840, pattern 4/535, "Adelaide" shape, comprising six teacups and six saucers, painted with landscapes on drab ground and gilt. Condition: two cups with a repair on the handles. Marks: 4/ 535 in gilt on the base.

Stock Number: PN1221


Four Coalport Porcelain Dinner Plates, pattern 759, c.1820

Four Coalport Porcelain Dinner Plates, various shapes, each decorated in pattern 759, finely painted with birds and flower sprays on cobalt blue ground and gilt, c.1820. Dimensions: each plate 25.2 cm diam. Condition: 3 plates with a small chip, one with 3 cm hairline crack near the rim, some ware on the gilding. Marks: 1 plate with 795 in gilt, 2 with impressed "1", 1 with unglazed base.


Set of Four Coalport Porcelain Supper Dishes c.1810

Set of Four Coalport Porcelain Supper Dishes, decorated with "Dragon" pattern, printed outline, hand-painted in green enamel, c.1810. Dimensions: 34 cm x 16 cm. Condition: two of the dishes with a chip on the rim. Unmarked.

Stock Number: PN1357



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Coalport Marks

The early porcelains 1796-1815 are mostly unmarked.

Early Coalport mark c.1805

A very rare painted mark in red c.1805-10.

1815-25 impressed mark

A distinctive impressed mark c.1815-1825.

Printed marks 1820-30

The Society of Arts felspar backstamp, printed in brown or purple c.1820-30.

Coalport printed mark c.1830-50

A Printed mark in blue c.1830-50.

Various early 19th century painted marks

Various 19th century painted marks incl. imitation of Meissen and Chelsea.

CBD Monogram painted in gold or blue c.1850-65.

Coalport painted mark c.1860-75

A painted mark in gold on ornamental wares c. 1860-75.

Coalport printed mark c.1870-80

Printed mark (in brown) on tablewares c.1870-80.

Printed crown marks c.1881-1920

Crown printed marks (in green or pink) c.1881-1920.