A Large Worcester Porcelain Basket c.1770

A Large Dr. Wall Worcester Porcelain Dessert basket c.1770, of oval shape with two ropework handles, the interior decorated with finely painted bouquet of flowers, the exterior with applied florettes at the intersections of the basketwork sides, painted in puce, the rim outlined in brown. Dimensions: 33.5 cm x 27 cm x 12.5 cm. (This example is the largest of the four sizes, produced by the factory). Condition: Minor restoration on the handles. Unmarked.

* FREE GIFT: A Worcester Porcelain Teapot c.1770

Stock Number: PN1215


FREE GIFT: A Worcester Porcelain Teapot c.1770, painted with flower sprays. Fine condition (cover missing). Dimensions: 13.5 cm high. Unmarked

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Worcester Porcelain Marks

Painters marks on early wares, painted in underglaze blue, c.1751-65.

Painted square mark 1755-75.

Mock Chinese signs (disguised numerical marks), printed in underglaze blue, c.1775-90.

Crescent marks, printed or painted in underglaze blue, in gilt decorated outside the factory, c.1755-90.

Mock "Dresden" and Sevres painted marks, c.1760-70. The Crossed Swards occur with or without numerals.

Impressed or moulded mark on baskets and vases. c.1760-1769.

Mock Oriental marks, painted in underglaze blue, c. 1753-65.

Painted marks in underglaze blue, c.1755-70. Several variations occur.

Signature marks on printed wares.The initials R.H. relate to the engraver Robert Hancock, the anchor is the rebus of Richard Holdship.

Painted anchor mark by independent decorators such as Giles, c.1760.

Painted mark in blue, c.1783-8.

Incised marks in various forms, c.1792-1807.

Standard impressed mark c.1807-13.

"Kerr & Binns" standart printed or impressed mark c.1852-62.

Printed shield mark, c.1854-62.

Rare "Kerr & Binns" printed mark 1856-62.

Royal Worcester printed mark, c.1876-91.