Two Minton Armorial Jugs (made for Bahawalpur Royal Family) c. 1890-1900

Two Minton porcelain Jugs with the family crest of Bahawalpur Royal Family (today part of Pakistan), ornately decorated in blue and gilt and painted with landscapes c. 1890-1900. Dimensions: 6.25" and 5" high. Printed marks, impressed cybers. Excellent condition.



Two Minton Armorial Jugs

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Minton Marks

Painted Sevres type mark, used on porcelains made prior to 1816.

Printed marks 1824-1836, occur only on pieces bearing some printed decoration.

Mark on moulded earthenwares c.1830-40, rare printed mark on porcelains.

Incised arrow-like mark on early Parian figures mid-late 1840s.

Moulded mark in relief on Parian figures c.1850-60.

Rare printed mark on porcelains c. 1851.

Printed mark c. 1860s, found on the highest quality pieces.

Basic printed Globe mark from 1863-73.

Revised version of standart printed mark c. 1873 onwards.

Minton Pottery

Pair Minton Majolica Figures, Mach-holders "Boy and Girl with Baskets", c.1863

Minton Terracotta Moon Flask c.1873