A New Hall Porcelain Plate, pattern 311, c.1790

A New Hall Porcelain Plate, pattern 311, hybrid hard-paste body, and painted overglaze in green, iron-red, pink, puce, purple, and black enamels, the center decorated with puce and green floral sprigs, the border comprising four oblong panels each containing two red roses on black leafy stem, and four small oval medallions containing a black plant, reserved in a broad band of pink and puce spotted trellis pattern. Below there is a narrow red horizontal band. Above there is a narrow edging of puce arrowheads alternating with groups of three dots, with a narrow red band above and below. Dimensions: 20.5 cm. diam. Painted 311 in puce on the base. Condition: Firing crack and overglazed chips near the rim (manufacturing fault).


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