A Pair of Davenport Porcelain Botanical Dishes c.1820

A Pair of Davenport Porcelain Botanical Dishes c.1820 of rectangular shape, finely painted with named botanical specimens within matt green borders and gilded rim. Dimensions: 24 cm x 20 cm. Printed marks, "Tall Browallia" and "American Cowslip" painted in red. Fine condition.

*Reff. Bonhams, Sale 13434 - The Joyce Mountain Collection of Davenport Pottery, Porcelain and Glass, 21 Sep. 2005. New Bond Street

** "A Collector's History of British Porcelain" by John and Margaret Cusbion 1994, page 219.

The dish on the left "American Cowslip" SOLD

"Tall Browallia" dish is available.

Stock Number: PN1170


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Davenport Marks on porcelains

Impressed mark c.1820s

Printed mark in black or other colours c.1815-30, in blue c.1850-70.

Rare printed mark c. 1830-40.

Printed mark in different colours c.1870-86.