A Pair of Coalport Cups & Saucers c.1818

A matching pair of Coalport Cups & Saucers c.1818, Etruscan shape and "hairpin" handle, decorated with panels of flowers in a cobalt blue ground, elaborate gilding. Marks: Pattern 898 in gilt, one cup with 992 in red. Condition: One cup with a hairline.

Stock Number: PN1060


A Pair of Coalport Cups & Saucers c.1818

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Coalport Marks

The early porcelains 1796-1815 are mostly unmarked.

Early Coalport mark c.1805

A very rare painted mark in red c.1805-10.

1815-25 impressed mark

A distinctive impressed mark c.1815-1825.

Printed marks 1820-30

The Society of Arts felspar backstamp, printed in brown or purple c.1820-30.

Coalport printed mark c.1830-50

A Printed mark in blue c.1830-50.

Various early 19th century painted marks

Various 19th century painted marks incl. imitation of Meissen and Chelsea.

CBD Monogram painted in gold or blue c.1850-65.

Coalport painted mark c.1860-75

A painted mark in gold on ornamental wares c. 1860-75.

Coalport printed mark c.1870-80

Printed mark (in brown) on tablewares c.1870-80.

Printed crown marks c.1881-1920

Crown printed marks (in green or pink) c.1881-1920.