A Caughley Porcelain part Dessert Service c.1780-90

A Caughley Porcelain Part Dessert Set c.1780-90, comprising 4 dessert plates, 1 heart-shaped and 2 square dishes. decorated with painted flowers in underglaze blue and gilt. Dimensions: plates 20.5 cm diam, square dish 23 cm x 23 cm, heart-shaped dish 27 cm x 18 cm. Marks : Impressed "Salopian", "X" painted in gold. Condition: Some ware on the gilding.

Stock Number: PN1133


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Caughley Marks

Impressed mark.

Printed or painted marks c.1775-95

Printed or painted "C" marks c.1775-95, sometimes mistaken for the Worcester crescent mark.

caughley marks c.1775-95

Blue Printed or painted marks c.1775-95.