A Bow Porcelain Figure of Ceres c.1760

A Bow figure of "Ceres", allegorical of Earth from the Four Elements, standing holding a cornucopia, a lion at her feet, wearing hand-painted floral gown in front of flowering bocage on raised rococo scroll base. Dimensions: 27 cm. hight, 22 cm. wight. Condition: firing cracks, one arm re-stuck, some damage to bocage.


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Bow Porcelain Marks c.1747-1776.

Early incised marks c.1750.

Various small numbers/letters painted in underglaze blue. c.1750-60.

Standard anchor and dagger mark painted in red c.1760-66.

Another version of the anchor and dagger mark c.1760-66.

Mock Chinese characters painted in underglaze blue.

Painted mark in underglaze blue.

Painted marks in underglaze blue. The crescent occurs also on figures.